Friday, April 8, 2011

Necklace With Crochet Thread ( Crochet Accessory #6 )

Hi everyone! It's very warm in Kentucky today. I'm so happy to see flowers blooming in my garden. My flowers sometimes give me inspiration for my projects. 

I'm going to introduce this necklace today.

This time, I didn't use a wire frame. I prefer to use beads in my accessory projects, but it's hard to find beads that can string on yarn or even crochet thread. When I found the purple drop shape beads at a hobby shop, I decided to make a necklace with it. However, I had been trying to think of how I should connect crochet stitches and the beads together. 
I thought that I need to know more about bead work, so I went to a book shop. I learned some basic bead skills from some books and I decided to use clear bead thread for these beads.

I crocheted only necklace chain in the project. This stitches resemble flowers, but it is a scallop stitch called Topsy Turvy. The scallop stitch is composed of chain stitches, slip stitches and single crochet.

Stitches that I used in the project.
Chain, slip stitch, single crochet

Crochet thread that I used in the project.
  • Aunt  Lydia's Cotton Classic Crochet thread : White