Monday, July 9, 2012

Gift Basket

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying summer? Kentucky, where I live, is very hot these days. It's mostly over 100F here. I have been having busy days working on custom orders, so it has been a while since I have posted a new article.

From July through August, I have three people for who I want to make birthday presents. Today, I'm going to introduce one of their birthday presents that I made.

This present is for my mother. :) She is great at sewing and knitting!! I wanted to make something that would make her craft time more fun.
This gift basket includes four crochet laces, eight mini motifs and six crocheted flowers. To wrap these items, I used the basket, and decorated with the crochet ribbon. :)

You may check these items on my shop. Some of them are not sold at my shop though. I'll write links here.
Motif applique set
Crochet lace : Small shell
Crochet lace : Leaves
Crochet lace : Fine shell
Crochet- ace : Spiral shell
Crochet ribbon : Picot with white ribbon 

It's more fun to create something original with sewing supplies than just buying completed items!!!
Have fun with your projects. :)