Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crocheted mini pouch

Hi everyone! I'm going to introduce a mini pouch today. :) I'm actually selling these mini pouches on my Etsy shop, but I made a new designed mini pouch for my sister as a her birthday present.

This pouch can hold an iPhone, smart phone, cell phone, compact digital camera and whatever you prefer. I wanted a picture of the pouch with cell phone, but I don't have a cell phone... However, I made sure that the pouch size is large enough for iPhone at a shop.

The pouch is attachable to your bags.

Since I love to use wooden buttons, shell or coconut in my projects, I used coconut buttons for the pouch. It's not easy to get simple, natural and fine designed buttons, so I mostly order those buttons from online shops. :)
To make the pouch for an adult lady, I made a connected motifs applique with Natural colored cotton crochet thread. I also selected Fudge Brown color for the straps.

This is back side of the pouch.

I'm not selling this designed crochet mini pouch on my Etsy shop so far. However, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing. I'm also happy to make the pouch in different colors or create even new design for you. You may contact me on my shop, NeIro, or send me an e-mail from this blog.
I actually gave a different designed crochet mini pouch to my friend as a her birthday present. She was really pleased to have it, because she was thinking of buying a new smart phone for herself. :)
I'll leave links of other designed mini pouch here just in case.
Crocheted Linen Mini Poush : Rose
Crocheted Linen Mini Pouch : Red Bird

Have a wonderful crochet time!!