Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Short sleeve bolero

Happy New Year to all!! This holiday shopping season, I found a wonderful bolero on my favorite Etsy shop. She knits and crochet. I sometimes use her ideas to make my own crochet clothes. The bolero was knit, so I decided to make one for myself by crochet. :) I had been working on my bolero at the end of last year, and I'm going to introduce you the bolero today!!

I love to crochet bolero, because bolero patterns are easy and bolero looks fancy. I've made a summer bolero before, so I wanted to make winter bolero.
I made the bolero's sleeves short because I wanted to wear the bolero underneath a winter coat. Crocheted/knitted long sleeve are sometimes too tight under a coat.

I used a pattern called Diamond Cross Trellis for my back. It's a beautiful pattern, but it is difficult to make.
To make a collar, I worked 2 back post double crochet and 4 front post double crochet repeatably on the edge.