Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yarn Evaluation 12/2010

Are you working on crochet Christmas presents? I am done with some, but I'm still working on one more. I'm sorry that I can't introduce my crochet Christmas present projects to you before Christmas. I will surely post those projects after Christmas. Coming soon!

I used some new yarn in my projects, so I'm going to tell you my evaluation of those yarn.

I Love This Yarn Sport Weight

Colors that I used :  Green, Red, Black, Ivory

Evaluation :★★★★
I used this yarn for Christmas Items. 
The yarn has soft texture and reasonable thickness, so I worked on a waffle pattern with it. The waffle pattern was finished successfully. However, I think that the yarn is not suitable to small projects, because the yarn can't show a detailed pattern. The price is low, so it's good to use it when you need a lot of yarn for projects.

OMEGA  Sinfonia

Color that I used :  Blanco

Evaluation :★★★
This yarn is made from cotton. It looks like spring and summer yarn. I made snowflakes with the yarn. The yarn string doesn't tend to separate, so it's good for detailed pattern. However, the yarn suggests a hook (USA size E/4), so even if you make small project with it, it will be lager than you expect.

CARON Simply Soft

Colors that I used :  Soft Yellow, Country Blue
Evaluation :★★
This yarn has a smooth and soft texture, and it's a little slippery. This yarn may not cause you to feel itchy. String often tends to separate, and had bumps on the yarn, so the bumps showed up on surface of project. I needed to buy those colors of the yarn for my project. I couldn't find a better color in other yarn brands, that's why I bought the yarn. I guess the yarn is suitable for blankets, but I might not use the yarn for my project any more.

Red Heart Knit-Cro-Sheen

Color that I used : White
Evaluation :★★★★
This crochet thread made from cotton. I made snowflakes and some different crochet motifs with the yarn. It's really good to work on small project and detailed pattern like lacework. This was the first time I used crochet thread, but I didn't have any problems.

OMEGA  Nylon Thread

Color that I used :  Yellow
Evaluation :★★★
It was hard to work on a crochet motif, which is one part of a necklace, with the thread.  This thread is very slippery. The yarn also tends to twist, but the yarn doesn't make project twist. I like the color, because it has gently shifting shades of the same color. I was afraid of using iron on the project to make it flat, because the yarn is not supposed to be ironed, so I covered the project with a cloth napkin when I used the iron. That way worked well.

Egyptian Crochet Thread

Color that I used :  Light Green
Evaluation :★★★
This thread is very very thin! I had a hard time to using it, but the thread makes the project feathery. I made a necklace chain with the thread. I'll keep using it for making accessories.

Have a wonderful time with crochet!!

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