Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crochet ring & motif necklace

It's a sunny day here today. We have been having rainy days on and off, so I was waiting for the sun to take pictures of my shop items and blog items.
I'm going to introduce crochet rings and motif necklace today!

I made these accessories for myself. It's very easy to make. I love buttons made from wood, shell and coconut. I also love materials such as leather and pottery charms. I used these materials to make the accessories this time. :)

The first, I'll tell you about the rings. These rings are composed of three connected crochet rings and a button. I made a ring with foundation single crochet. You just make first ring. When you make second ring, you need to insert second foundation single crochet into first ring, and form second ring. When you make third ring, you need to insert third foundation single crochet into connected first and second rings, and form third ring. I attached my favorite buttons as settings. :)

Next, crochet motif necklace. Using crochet motif as a necklace charm is actually my elder sister's idea! She is learning pottery making. When I visited her two years ago, she was wearing a necklace used crochet motif and small pottery charm that she made. She is also interested in Japanese traditional potteries. She gave this charm made in Shigaraki ware to me.
I made the beige colored motif with crochet cotton thread, and made the red brown colored motif with floss!! Even if I use crochet cotton thread, most motifs come out too large for necklace charms. That's why I came up with crocheting with floss. It's not easy though. However, changing yarn or thread thickness is good way for making item size smaller or larger. I would love to use jeans or fleece to make doily foot mat sometime. :)

Just in case, I'm selling a small crochet motif set in my Etsy shop. If you are interested in it, please come visit! I'm not selling these accessories, but if you are interested in them, just contact me. I'm always happy to fill custom orders and share my skill. :)
Have a wonderful crochet time♪