Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crochet spring one-piece for stuffed animal

Hi, everyone! Kentucky, where I live, is very warm today. It's supposed to reach 76 degrees!!! I'm so happy to see my flower's growth in my yard. :)

Today, I'm going to introduce crochet spring one-piece for stuffed animal (doll dress).

 I have introduced different clothes in my blog before. However, It was for my stuffed bear. This time, I made the one-piece for my elder sister's friend's daughter. My sister asked me to present the one-piece as a gift. She wanted a sleeveless pink one-piece with blue ribbon on it's breast. I made the one-piece with pink cotton yarn and attached trim made with white mercerized cotton crochet thread to the neckline and edge of the skirt.

This bear (mine) is called Duffy. It's a Disney character. There is Duffy's girl friend called Shellie May. The bears come in different sizes.  This one is about 5 inches tall. There is another bear that is 17 inches tall. I have a 5 inch tall Duffy and a 17 inch tall Shellie May. :) I made the one-piece for 5 inches Shellie May.
Duffy and Shellie May fans in Japan love to dress them with special clothes to show off!! Of course, various clothes are selling in Tokyo Disney Sea. Enthusiastic fans make their clothes by themselves.
I'm not sure if we can buy the stuffed bears at Disney world in the U.S. I have red on a website that Disney World in the U.S made Duffy and Duffy went over to Japan though. Anyway, I'm sure we can buy the bears on Amazon.

When I ship orders from my shop, I always wrap them to ship. I'm a buyer who enjoys online shopping. When I receive my purchases without any sellers care, I'm so sad. That's why I wrap any orders to ship. :) I also take present wrapping, when my customers prefer.

Have a wonderful crochet time!!!