Friday, October 22, 2010

Yarn Evaluation 10/2010

I thought that reporting my yarn evaluation in this blog is helpful for everyone. I would like you to use my yarn evaluation when you choose yarn for your crochet projects! I sometimes have a hard time to choose one yarn from numerous selections for my crochet project. I wish I can test all of yarns before buying. :) 

Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend

Colors that I used :  Vanilla, Currant
Evaluation :★★★
I like cotton yarn, because I don't need to be concerned about the seasons. I made coasters and curtain race with the yarn.
When I was crocheted with the yarn, I noticed that yarn tended to separate, so hook sometimes caught a few strings of yarn. I want to make a bag with the yarn for my crochet tools sometime.

 Lion Brand Yarn Company Homespun

Colors that I used :  Wild Fire, Bourbon
Evaluation :★★★★
I love this yarn! I made boleros with the yarn. I also used it on hair accessory as additional design and on the hood vest as edging. I really want to give the yarn 5 stars as my yarn evaluation, but it was difficult to count stitches.  Anyway, texture was great!

 Red Heart Super Saver

Color that I used :  Aran
Evaluation :★★★
I made hood vests with the yarn. When I touched the yarn at a shop made a crackling noise. I really suffered from deciding to buy the yarn, but the yarn was cheaper than other brands, so I bought it, because I needed six rolls to make the vests for my husband and me. I noticed that the yarn is good to hold shape afterward. 

 I Love This Wool 
Colors that I used :  Burnt Pumpkin, Pale Gray, Sungold
Evaluation :★★★★★
This yarn's name is correct! I love this yarn. :) The texture is great! Since the yarn is nice and elastic, I could crochet smoothly. I made pumpkin hats, ornaments for crochet wreath and door stopper with the yarn. I really recommend this yarn! 

 Baby Bee Sweet Delight Prints

Color that I used : Pink Camo
Evaluation :★★★★
I made crochet socks and crochet room shoes with the yarn. It has good thickness for socks and room shoes. I liked the color, because it makes crochet projects cute.

Yarn Bee Snow Flake Wool Blend
Color that I used : Limelight
Evaluation :★
I made crochet room socks with the yarn, but I noticed that the yarn makes crochet projects twist. :( I like all colors of this yarn series, but I can't recommend this one. I guess that the yarn causes roll up and twist problems on your project. 

I'll report my yarn evaluation regularly.  
Have a wonderful time with crochet

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