Monday, October 11, 2010

Hood Vest

I enjoy using free patterns from web sites too, but I usually add my ideas to them. I'm going to introduce an example!

I made the Hood vest with a pattern from Lion Brand Yarn Company, which is one of my favorite web sites. The pattern is for a baby, so I needed to figure out my size. Wee Vest  
I used one of my jackets to match sizes for all the parts.  I decided the foundation size of the back of the vest first. However I added popcorn stitch on the bottom of the back, so I adjusted the foundation to fit the popcorn stitch. After that, I split the foundation size into right front and left front. I worked the arm and neck holes the same as the pattern. It worked well for my size.

The hardest part was to know the hood's size. The hood foundation size must be the same amount of chain around neck, so I sewed together the back, right front and left front first, and then I just counted chains. However, I needed to arrange popcorn stitches on it again. 
I made the hood the same length as from the bottom of the vest to the bottom of the arm hole.

 I also added a different color along the edge with single crochet. This red yarn is left over yarn from my bolero which I made with other free pattern. I worked on the vest with half double crochet.

If you have any questions about the vest, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will be happy to answer. Have a wonderful time with crochet♪

 Yarn that I used for the vest.
  •  Red Heart Super Saver : Aran
  • Loin Brand Yarn Homespun : Wild Fire


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  2. Hello, I have been looking for a vest pattern just like this. I am new to working with patterns. I found the free baby pattern, but I would like to make this vest my size which would be a size 4 in the USA. Do you have suggestion how to do this?

    1. Hi Raylene,
      Thank you for your comment! I'm sorry my reply is very late. I had been on vacation for two weeks and hadn't had internet connection meanwhile.

      I used my winter fabric vest as a pattern for my size. I always made sure how many stitches I need from the vest. This hood vest came out a little large for me. I should have made the length from the shoulder to the armpit a little shorter.
      I suggest you that you use some of your clothes which is same size as the vest that you want to make. If you are a beginner at changing size from a original pattern, adding special stitches like this vest might be hard.
      If you have any questions while making yours, please do not hesitate to ask me! I'm happy to help you. :)
      I hope you complete making yours!!