Monday, October 18, 2010

Ear Flap Ghost Hat

I love making Halloween costumes. I'm going to introduce the ear flap ghost hat made with my original pattern today! I made for my husband's costume, so it's adult man size. I came up with this pattern when I had been working on the witch hat that I introduced last time. The witch hat pattern says to work in a spiral pattern. I used this way on the ghost hat too. This time I increased stitches on the front half of each row and decreased stitches on the back half of each row.  I did this for a few rows, then switched.  For the next few rows I decreased the number of stitches on the front half of the row, and increased the number of stitches on the back half of the row.  This made the rows irregular creating a wavy shape.  It was difficult to figure out how many stitches I needed to increase and decrease in each row. I don't remember how many times I undid the hat to complete the pattern.

After I finished making the hat, my husband wanted me to add ear flaps to it, so I added like this.
Hardest part for me was to decide the look of the ghost's face. I'm not good at drawing at all, so I asked my husband which look he likes, happy, scary, etc, but he said "Surprise me". I searched numerous looks of ghost on the internet, and picked this look. I'm glad to hear that he likes the look.

Stitches that I used for the hat : 
  • single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch.

Yarn that I used for the hat :
  • I Love This Yarn Sport Weight : Black (Face)
  • Red Heart Super Saver : Aran (Hat)

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