Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Hat

Hello everyone! Are you getting ready for Halloween? I'm going to show the pumpkin hats I created. 
One day, I was making crochet pumpkin to add to a wooden wreath, and I came up with these pumpkin hats!

These are for my nephew and niece. They live in Japan. Halloween is not popular in Japan, so I wanted to tell them how fun Halloween in the U.S is. 

These hats are different sizes. The hat on the left is smaller, and it's for nephew. The hat on the right is larger, and it's for niece. I only knew their sizes around their heads. The hat is composed of eight pumpkin skins, one stem and one belt at the bottom of the pumpkin. I decided the belt size first, then figured out the pumpkin skin size. The stems on these hats are the same size.

I used single crochet on the pumpkin skin, half double crochet and treble crochet on the belt, single crochet and treble crochet on the stem. I also used six different kinds of yarn for these hats including yarn for decorations such us spider, spider web and flower. That sounds expensive, dosen't it? However, I always attempt to use my left over yarn, so three of six yarns are actually left over yarn from my other crochet projects. 

If you have any questions about these pumpkin hats, please ask me without reserve. I will be happy to answer. Have a wonderful time with crochet♪

Yarns that I used for the hat.
  • I Love This Wool : Sungold (Stem)
  • I Love This Wool : Burnt Pumpkin (Pumpkin Skin)
  • I Love This Yarn : Black (Spider and Face)
  • Patons Grace : White (Spider Web)
  • Lion Brond Yarn Homesqun : Wild Fire(Leaves)
  • Red Heart Eco-Cotton : Vanilla (Flower)

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