Sunday, November 14, 2010

Costume for Duffy

Do you know who Duffy is? Duffy is a stuffed bear character from Disney. Duffy is sold at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center and Disneyland's Disney California Adventure along with an army of merchandise in the U.S. In Japan, it is sold at Tokyo Disney Sea. When my husband and I visited Japan this fall, my niece gave me a small Duffy. Japanese girls like to show off their Duffy with costumes, which they made by themselves or they bought at shops. Duffy's costumes are sold at Aunt Peg's Village store in Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan, but those are for only the large sized Duffy, so I made a fall costume for my small Duffy with yarn! Of course I used left-over yarn for the costume.

This Duffy is about five inches tall, so making the costume was not easy.  The costume is removable. I will enjoy making other seasonal costumes.

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