Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas table setting

Hi Everyone! Are you getting ready for Christmas? I am. I always need to think about what seasonal projects I want to make a month early to present my crochet ideas on this blog. Since I'm done with a crochet Christmas table setting, I'm going to introduce. 

Napkin Holder
It was hard to make holly leaf shapes. I made some chains and worked on both sides. That way the crochet project won't roll up. The napkin holder is composed of two leaves, three berries and a belt.

Stitches that I used for the napkin holder.
Chain stitch, slip stitch, single stitch.

Candle Holder Cover
We can see numerous fancy candles at shops. I actually bought the red candle on the table this year since it was 50% off. However I would rather like to use what I already have with my ideas than buying new things every year. I came up with decorating a glass candle holder with crochet! I made three square granny, and connected them with chain stitches. I also made the snow flake and put it under the candle holder.

Stitches that I used for the candle holder cover and the snow flake.
Chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, picot.

Center Piece
I tried a waffle patter for the first time, and learned that waffle pattern takes a lot of yarn. The center piece (9" x 32") took two balls of yarn. However waffle pattern looks very nice! I worked on both sides with chain and picot stitches. That looks snow flakes, doesn't it?

Stitches that I used for the center piece.
Chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, picot.

These snowmen on the each place mat have a function. You see letters on their hats. Those letters tell guests where to sit, because each letter indicates the guest's first initial. Guests may take their snowman home after the meal. This is may idea.  I want my guests to enjoy my meal and entertainment.

I used orange beads for his nose, and used cosmetic cheek powder for his cheeks.  I usually use hook, which yarn suggests, but I used smaller hook for the hat. Changing hook size is one of way for adjusting size.

Stitches that I used for the snowman.
Chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, foundation single crochet.

Yarn that I used for these projects.

I Love This Yarn Sport Weight : White, Red and Black
Omega Sinfonia : Blanco

I'll introduce other my crochet Christmas projects soon!!

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