Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer casual bolero lesson 3

The temperature reached 100 degrees last Saturday in KY, but it's only 57 degrees today. I'm wearing long sleeves in the house. It has been raining since Sunday as well. I'm worried about my garden and hummingbirds.

I'm going to introduce doily brooches and ruffle for the summer casual bolero today.
When I create something, I always think about a few uses on it. For instance, if I make a scarf, I want to use it as a necklace and belt too. I wanted to make the bolero simple so that I could change the bolero's impression with each doily brooch. That means I can wear the bolero with any colored clothes. :)

I made three doily brooches for the bolero.

I enjoyed this sunflower brooch during August.
The brooch is composed of a doily, crocheted sunflower and pineapple patterned leaf.

I used Autumn pink color for this brooch.
The brooch is composed of a doily, two large pom-poms and three stuffed crochet balls.

I used yarn for this brooch, because I wanted to make the brooch suitable for Autumn.
The brooch is composed of a doily, looped yarn, crocheted flower and a metal button.

I'm selling these same brooches and different designed brooches at my Etsy shop, NeIro. :)

To decorate around the edge of sleeves, I used mercerized cotton crochet thread. That means I can make fine stitches. Of course, you may work on the edge with same yarn as the bolero or you may sew different materials on the edge such as ribbon or lace. I worked on the edge with a ruffle pattern.  The reason I like to use different materials in a project is that the project looks more detailed and fashionable. :)

How were the summer casual bolero lessons? You became interested in making yours?
I'm still thinking of what lesson I teach in my blog next time. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave your comment. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer casual bolero lesson 2

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I have been busy working for my Etsy shop and my garden. I'm so sorry that the second lesson of the summer casual bolero is really late. However, if you learn these bolero lessons, you will be able to make bolero for all seasons. :)

All right, I'm going to teach you how to sew to make sleeves and how to add neckline to the body.

How to sew to make sleeves

★First, you need to determine how many stitches you want to sew for a sleeve.
I sewed 14 stitches on each sleeve. To make just the right size for yourself, stick some clothes pins where you want to sew ( both sides ), and wear the bolero carefully to make sure the sleeve length is right. 

I like to use this tool instead of the clothes pin.→ 
You can use it for counting stitches as well. :)

If you feel the sleeves are tight, you need to make the body part a little wider before you work on the sleeves.

★When I sew two pieces together, I use slip stitch or single crochet.
Which stitch I use depends on project. You know that single crochet is higher than slip stitch. Since I wanted to make thin sleeves for the bolero, I chose slip stitch. 
※I'm sorry to use different yarn to show you how to sew.

Sew with slip stitch from white to blue with facing inside sleeve.

 Turn the sleve inside out, (see below).

At the first stitch and last stitch, where clothes pins are pointing, thread yarn through each stitches one more time to make it sturdy. Weave the beginning and end of yarn.
Sew the other side too, and then the sleeves are done. :)

How to add neckline to the body part.

★Determine how many stitches you need for the neckline.
I added the neckline from the right armpit through shoulders to the left armpit, because I wanted to make this bolero simple. If you want to make your bolero gorgeous, you may add neckline all around the edge (the blue line in the picture).

When you use different patterns such as a ruffle, trim or lace for the neckline, you should know how many stitches the patterns need on the neckline.

I used puff stitches for my neckline.  The pattern needs multiples of 2 stitches, so I determine that I need 104 stitches. That means 52 stitches on each side. Find the center ( Pink marker ) on the neckline, and divide 104 stitches on both sides of  the neckline ( Blue markers ) like this picture. ↓

★Work puff stitches on the neckline
Puff stitch patter 
Puff St [Yo, insert hook in designated st and draw up a lp] 4 times, yo and draw through 8 lps on hook, yo and draw through rem 2lps on hook
Slip knot, attach yarn with slip stitch in the stitch where blue marker is. Which side you will start from doesn't matter in this pattern. :)
Row 1: *Ch 3, 1 Puff st in next st, ch 1, rep from *, end 1 puff st in last st. Turn.
Row 2: *Ch 3, 1 Puff st in next st, ch 1, rep from *, end 1 puff st in turning ch-sp. Turn.
Row 3 and Row 4 Rep row 2. Fasten off.

When you work the puff stitch pattern around sewed sleeves, don't think it's difficult! Image the neckline is just round line. :)

Now, the bolero base is done!!! Making bolero is easy, isn't it? Since you took my bolero lessons, you can be able to make different designed bolero based on this pattern. :) 
I'm thinking of making my cold season bolero soon based on this pattern. You will see how easy changing the design can be. 

In the third summer casual bolero lesson, I'll present how to decorate the bolero. :) I'll absolutely post the lesson soon. See you next time!