Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crochet framed wall picture

Hi there! It's warm week in Kentucky, U.S. I'm really looking forward to making crochet projects with light colored yarn and cotton crochet threads!
I changed my work table to larger one last weekend, so my feelings are refreshed too. :) I wanted to hang something from my work room wall. That's why I made them.

You might remember these crochet projects. These are brooches. I made them for summer casual bolero. However, I don't wear the bolero during fall and winter, so I came up with using them as pictures. :)

I'd like to add more crochet framed pictures to this wall! Making comfortable work room is important to create and design new things. ♪
Have a wonderful crochet time!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bag with crochet appliques

Hi everyone! I couldn't post any articles since last September... I was always working on my Etsy shop, so I couldn't have enough time to make crochet items for myself. However, I'll try to work on this blog this year. :)

I have been selling doily appliques on my shop. I love doilies, but I don't want to use the doily only as home decor. That's why I started making doily appliques. :)
I sometimes use patterns from crochet books to make the appliques, but I always add my ideas into the patterns. I also create patterns by myself.

Today, I'm going to introduce my bag that I made with a doily applique set!

I used "Butterfly doily applique set" for the bag. I have three more color variations on my shop!
Each part: butterfly, flower and vine, are individual, so you may arrange them for your bag, clothes, home decor and whatever you prefer.
I also used cotton fabric and felt.

When I make something with fabric, I always think of easy an way to make the design look fancy. Can you believe that I made the bag by only hand sewing? I don't have a sewing machine...

I made inner of the bag with cotton fabric, and made outside and handles with felt to make pockets on the surface of the bag. :)

This bag has three pockets on the outside! 

When I go to a place where I hold my crochet class, I wanted to carry my note book. I now carry it with me. :)