Monday, May 9, 2011

50% off sale!!!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last article. One and half months have passed since I opened my online crochet shop at Etsy, . Fortunately, I sold my first two items last night! I'm so happy. However, there are numerous sellers who are selling crochet items at Etsy, so I've decided to change the concept for my shop. I'm going to renew the shop in June! 

Before renewing the shop, I'm going to hold 50% off sale from May 12th to May 26th. It's only for two weeks. If you are interested in my items, don't miss this chance!
I'm informing my blog followers about the sale first, because you all are very important to me. 

I'm going to tell you about concept for my new shop. The shop's name, NeIro, and the URL won't change.
I love to adopt Japanese culture in my crochet projects, and I'm always pursuing new uses of crochet. I would also like people to be interested in crochet and making something original. I love making original things. I would also like to help you to make your something original. I'll sell crochet supplies as appliques with my example pictures.
Here is my new shop banner.

As the banner is showing you, I will make framed crochet fiber art, crochet appliques, Japanese slippers with Kimono fabric called Chirimen. I love Chirimen, so I'll often use the fabric in my projects.

I'll renew my shop on the second week in June. I've not decided the day yet. I'll inform you the day after I decide. I would also like to hear your opinion or advice for my shop, please feel free to leave your comments. I'll answer you as soon as possible.
I'm looking forward to seeing you at renewal shop!

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