Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A pair of Neck Warmers

Hi everyone! I'm back from Japan. I went back to Japan to attend my friend's wedding. The wedding was wonderful. I'm so happy for her. After I came back home, I caught a cold and had high fever of 102 degrees. It was third time to have high fever this year... However, I feel better now. :)

Today, I'm going to introduce a pair of neck warmers that I made for our weeding anniversary. I think that men are kind of ashamed to wear crocheted/knitted clothes especially clothes that their partners made. To improve that problem, I made quit different designed warmers for my husband and me. However, I used same stitch to make similarity between the warmers.

For the first, I'll explain about my neck warmer.
It's easy to make this tube type warmer. Since I wanted to use basketweave stitch, I needed to make rectangle shape, and sewed both sides together to make it tube shape.

 To make the warmer more original, I made a removable necklace with leather strings and crocheted flowers.

Next, my husband's neck warmer.
How to make this type of warmer is mostly same as tube type warmer. Make thinner rectangle than tube type, and add a loop for a button at proper place on a side. I attached a coconut button to the warmer.
Why I made scarf type warmer for him is that he can wear the warmer underneath his jacket like this picture.

The weather is getting cold. I hope that you all started enjoying crochet. I also hope that you will make someone warm with your crocheted item. :)

Yarn that I used for the neck warmers.
Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby : Teddy color
This yarn has extremely soft texture, and was smooth to crochet. Unfortunately, this yarn doesn't have many color variation.

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