Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas giveaway!!!

Hi everyone, I have a big news today. :) I'm going to hold Christmas giveaway!!! A lot of customers purchased at my shop. My customers always gave me great ideas, and increased my crochet skill. I also had lovely conversations with them. I'm very thankful for my customers.

This giveaway is for my customers only this time, so participants must be those who have purchased at least one item on my shop or in person. I've also sent an invitation about the giveaway to my customers. If I get your reply for participating, I'll give you a number.

Even if you haven't purchased anything on my shop yet, it's not too late. I'll wait until November. 30th. If you will purchase by the day, you will get an invitation. :)

What I'm going to give away is...

It's a snowflake coaster set! I used thick Linen and corduroy fabric for winter coasters. These coasters can be an ornament too. I attached a cotton fabric hoop to the edge of each coaster.

The coasters are machine washable. However, I recommend using a laundry net. The snowflake doilies are appliqued to the coasters, so it won't lose it's shapes after washing.

Giveaway details.

1. Term : November. 5th ~ November. 30th. I'll drew a person on December. 1st, and inform the winner by e-mail. I hope that the winner will receive the coaster set before Christmas.
2. You must be who have purchased at least one item on my shop or in person.
3. You are not participant until you get a number from me, so please sent me your reply.
4. Please just send me your reply to enter!


1. If you click "like" and write your comment on shop's face book, I'll give you one more number.
( If you are already a fan of my shop, just write your comment.)
2. If you will be a follower of my blog, and write your comment. I'll give you one more number.
( If you are already a follower, just write your comment.)

You may enter the giveaway a maximum of three times!!

I hope that a lot of my customers will participate in the giveaway.
Good luck!!


  1. Would love to win. You make beautiful things.

  2. Adminswife is me. My email is

    1. Hi Adminswife,
      Thank you for leaving your comment!
      If you don't mind, could you send me an e-mail on Etsy? I'm sorry I can't recognize you which customer you are...

  3. Hi Kazumi :)
    great idea! keep making beautiful things- we all enjoy it :)

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    1. Hi Sarita,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Well, this blog is not for business. I just want to share my skill with people who love crochet. I really don't care how many followers I have. I actually have a online shop, but this blog is a place for my free time. :) I'm introducing my projects here which I made in my free time.