Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Wreath

How is your country's weather? It's snowing in Kentucky, U.S. However, my crocus, tulip and iris are coming up in my flower bed. These flower growth gave me the inspiration for this spring wreath that I'm going to introduce today.

I made six tulips and three daffodil flowers for the wreath. Holding the round shape, I used wire inside crochet green tube.  I made the wire circle first, then make the green tube around the wire by single crochet.  Along the way, I stuffed cotton into the tube. After that, I sewed the tulips and daffodils on the tube.
After I finished the tulips and daffodils, I thought something was missing, so I made a crochet ribbon. I've made two crochet wreaths in the past, but I decorated wooden wreaths with crochet. It's first time I've made an entire crochet wreath!
Making home decor is good way during spring and summer.

I've introduced this green yarn in my yarn evaluation. The yarn makes crochet project twist, so I didn't like it. However, I had another ball of this yarn, so I wanted to consume it.  My choice worked well this time, because twist effect made the tulip leaf look real. 

I often use flowers in my projects, because I love gardening! I want to try make other crochet flower.

Stitches that I used in the project.
Chain, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet.

Yarn that I used in the project.
  • I Love This Cotton Super Soft : Buttercup, White (daffodil and ribbon)
  • Caron Simply Soft : Persimmon
  • Yarn Bee Snow Flake : Limelight


  1. I like that because it is very beautiful, and I love the tulip

  2. Hi ghada issa
    I'm glad that you like the wreath. I like tulips too. I sometimes get ideas for my projects from my flower garden.

  3. Nice to innovate and change things no matter how wonderful to know no matter.Great to be flowers is the source of your creativity I am happy for you dear And I hope my visit on my blog

  4. Dear ghada issa
    I've visited your blog, and became a follower. :)
    I assume that you love flowers like me. I'm sure I will get some inspiration from your blog! I hope that we can share our skills with each other.

  5. Thank you for posting the free wreath pattern! It is fabulous:) I have included it on my blog Karla's Making It (linking to your pattern, of course)! You can view it here http://www.karlasmakingit.com/free-crochet-patterns/free-crochet-wreath-patterns/

    1. Hi Karla,
      Thank you for including my wreath on your blog. Unfortunately, I'm not sharing free pattern of the wreath so far. I wish I have time to complete the pattern to share. I hope that my ideas inspire people to make their something new.