Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer wreath : Lesson 1

Hi there, I start posting how to make my summer wreath. First, let me introduce an Etsy shop. She is selling beautiful wreaths using yarn!

It's a pretty wreath, isn't it? I'm going to make my summer wreath like hers.


I used these yarn, fleece and a 12" round Styrofoam shape. These yarn are mostly left over from my other projects. :)
I used the fleece to make the Styrofoam shape thicker
Green, white and cream colored yarn are used for the wreath's base color. (Cotton yarn)
Yellow and brown colored yarn is for a sunflower as decoration.
*I'll add other items to decorate the wreath later.


Cut enough fleece to make five yards about 2" wide.

 ★Surround the Styrofoam with fleece to make the shape thicker.


 ★Coil yarn around the wreath.
     Work on one side to make sure the yarn is wound close together so the fleece doesn't show through.

Use glue to fasten the yarn on the back of the wreath.

Add white and cream colored yarn. Fasten to the back with glue.

Now the base of the wreath is completed! In the next lesson, I'll post how to make a sunflower. In the last lesson, I'll decorate the base with the sunflower and other items that I'll make!
See you next time. :)

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