Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer wreath : Lesson 3

This time is last part for making the summer wreath. I'm going to decorate the base in this lesson with some crocheted items that I made.
First, I'm going to show you my decoration items.

I prepared two kinds of crochet trim ribbons, two different size of doilies, a button, a couple of crocheted birds and two thin dried branches. If you would like to make these birds, you can get the pattern here. You may use anything you want as a decoration.
I forget to tell you how to attach the sunflowers on the base in the lesson 2. I used glue for that, because it's easy, and I'm not going to sell the wreath. If I make the wreath for selling in my shop, I will sew all decorations onto the base. Sewing is sturdier than gluing.

First, I'm going to attach a larger doily to the base like this.

Next, I'm going to attach a smaller doily with the button.

Next, I'm going to attach two kinds of trim ribbons.

Next, I'm going to attach two dried branches as a perch for the two birds. By the way, these branches are of Japanese basil that I grew last summer.  The plant completely dried up last fall, so I cut it into lengths about 10 inches long, and saved them as craft material. I love to use materials from the nature.

At the end, place two birds on the branches, then hang the wreath from the front door!!
Here is my summer wreath. ❤

Thank you for joining my lessons until the end. If you make your wreath, please let me know. I'd like to introduce your wreath on my online shop's Facebook page!
I'm already thinking of next lesson. I will make a bolero. I know that a lot of Etsy sellers are selling their wonderful boleros. Those boleros look difficult to make, but I guess the pattern is easier than people think. After I create my original pattern, I'll start my "how to make a bolero" lesson. :)


  1. Hi Acidy,
    Thanks! I kept hanging the wreath from the front door until last September. :)

  2. Que hermoso me gusto muchisimo, Oh so lovely is really amazing !!

  3. Hi Solo por el gusto de compartir,
    Thank you. :) I'll use the wreath this summer again!