Monday, January 31, 2011

Summer Room Shoes ( Room Shoes #2 )

I'm exciting to introduce this summer room shoes, because I love it this design. It's early to introduce summer project, but I'd like you to become interested in crochet in spring and summer as well. 

I really suffered from thinking of the this design, because room shoes shouldn't come off. However, I didn't want to cover my feet with a lot of yarn. I finally chose a type which holds big toe and ankle.

This ruffle pattern is called taryn's ruffle.

I made corkscrews at the both ends of ribbon.

To make comfortable shoes, I inserted two pieces of foot-shaped felt pads into the each sole as cushion.
(I'm sorry I couldn't take the picture of red felt. I'm working on making blue one now.) 
I created S size pattern and M size pattern so far. I'll make L size pattern soon. By the way, this red shoes are for M size.

I used only cotton yarn in the project, because I'll wear the shoes with bare feet. The shoes should be easy to wash. Cotton yarn is washable by washer machine as I keep mentioning in the other posts. 

In the process that I was thinking of the design, I had another design idea, and tried to make it. However, I'm out of yarn for the other design. I hope I can introduce the other design of summer room shoes soon!

Stitches that I used in the project.
Chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet.

Yarn that I used in the project.
  • Lily Sugar'n Cream : Wine
  • Red Heart Eco-Cotton : Vanilla

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tube Scarf

I'm going to introduce a spring project today. I got a free pattern, Paradores Infinity Scarf, from Naturally caron .com. The pattern looks nice, but I didn't like how to connect three panels together, so I changed the pattern a little. The pattern is composed of three panels, but I made only two panels, because I want to use the scarf as long as I can whether the season in hot or cold. The scarf can be used underneath a jacket as neck warmer during cold season.

It can be also used as stole or scarf during spring and summer.

I always need stole whenever I go shopping during summer, because the air conditioner inside U.S. buildings  is really cold for me, so the stole should be light, small and easy to carry with me, that's why I didn't make third panel of the pattern. 
I used a super fine yarn for the project. The pattern suggests using light yarn, so I figured out how much stitches my scarf needed. The super fine yarn is very elastic, so it's good yarn to make tube shaped project. The yarn is suggests a 3.25mm/USA size D hook, but I used a 4.00mm/USA size 6 hook, because I wanted to use the elastic yarn effectively. I love the elastic yarn, so I'm working on this project with different colored yarn again. However, the yarn is a little expensive.

I worked on the long bottom edge of upper panel with glory pattern, which forms flower shapes. I used shell stitches on the long top edge of the lower panel.  I connected the lower panel to the flowers of the upper panel with slip stitches.

I also made the corsage for the scarf. I really loved the flower that I used for the napkin holder, so I used the flower this time as well. To make corsage, I crocheted with a Vanilla colored cotton yarn and white colored crochet thread placed 24 pink beads together. I recommend that you use cotton yarn when you make solid project without stuffing, because cotton yarn holds it's shape. I needed to add something to the flower, so I tried adding a crochet leaf and corkscrew, but these didn't add good effects. After that, I came up with a idea, which used a crochet motif as flower leaf!
Since I liked the flower, I'm planing to make hair accessories with the flower as well!

Stitches that I used for the project.
Chain, slip stitches, single crochet, double crochet, 2 treble crochet cluster, shell stitch.

Yarn that I used for the project.
  • Patons Stretch Socks : Nougat
  • Red Heart Eco-Cotton : Vanilla (corsage)
  • Lily Sugar'n Cream : Country Green (corsage)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring & Summer Crochet Projects ( Crochet Accessory #3 )

Hi everyone! I'm going to tell you about working on crochet during warm and hot season today. I assume that people think spring and summer are not good season for crochet, but I'm exciting to work on spring and summer crochet projects! Actually, I've already started working. I'm going to introduce a necklace that I've completed yesterday. 

I used three colors of crochet thread and two kinds of beads for the necklace. Using beads is a good way to make a project that won't be too hot. I made the necklace while imagining lavender and chamomile. I bought wire necklace frame, and surrounded the wire with crochet tread. Many varieties of wire necklace frame are sold at hobby shops, so you may choose best type for your purpose.

Choosing materials is most important during spring and summer. I recommend you use cotton yarn and crochet thread! Cotton is washable by washing machine, so it's easy to care for.  There are really nice texture yarn like fleece, so they are suitable in spring as well.  Fine yarn is also suitable. If you crochet with mesh or shell stitches with fine yarn, the project will be cool.
There is cotton crochet thread too. It's easier to crochet than acrylic or nylon crochet thread, because these threads are too slippery.  It is possible to iron cotton crochet thread, so if your project needs to be flat, you may use an iron.
Choosing a project is also important. I'll keep presenting my ideas for spring and summer, and explain yarn that I'll use and my future projects.

Stitches that I used in the project.
Chain, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet.

Yarn that I used in the project.
  • Red Heart Knit-Cro-Sheen : White
  • OMEGA  Nylon Thread : Yellow
  • Egyptian Crochet Thread : Light Green

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Place mat & Napkin Holder

I'm going to introduce the place mat and napkin holder I made for my friend today. My friend is Japanese, and she lives in Thailand. Actually, she is my blog friend, so I've never met her. She has been introducing Thai food and Thai culture in her blog. 
When I saw the Bencharong ceramics she made in her blog, I really became interested in them. Those are so beautiful! I had been looking for ceramic for cream and sugar, so I asked her if she would mind to make it for me. She made this ceramics for me with my favorite colors!

I love it so much, so I use it only when I hold lunch party at my house. 

To thank her, I decided to make a place mat and napkin holder set, because she likes cooking.

I used cotton yarn for the project, because place mat frequently can get dirty from food. Cotton yarn is washable in washer machine, so it's good material. When I choose yarn, I put my emphasis on use. 
Since I heard that the friend likes pink and green color like me,  I chose country green and tumbleweed (mix color) from Lily cotton, and designed the pattern for her. I placed a clover in each corner, and used clover flower as napkin holder.

I used experienced skill, which is called Catherine's Wheel, in the place mat. The pattern is composed of shell stitches. I worked the pattern with mix color this time, but I want to try the pattern with one color next time. I think that one color can show the pattern clearly. 
I used a button made from shell this time. The button shows you which side of the place mat is the front. People who don't know about crochet well, they can't recognize which side is front, that's why I used the button. However, the button is part of the design as well.

I hope the place mat and napkin holder make the friend and her fiance's meal time more fun!

Stitches that I used the project.
Chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, shell stitch.

Yarn that I used the project.
  • Lily Sugar'n Cream : Country Green
  • Lily Sugar'n Cream Naturals : Tumbleweed
  • Red Heart Eco-Cotton : Vanilla ( clover flower)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Motif Bag

I'm going to introduce crochet motif bag today. I like making motif such as flower, snowflake, leaf and butterfly. Making crochet bags is also one of my favorite projects. 

When I went to a fabric shop near my house, I found a beautiful fabric, and came up with this idea!

I made three different sizes of flower motifs and two solid small flower motifs, and then connected them together by free form. However I connected them together while making each one with slip stitches. I also worked around the top edge.

I wanted to make the bag strap adjustable, so I made two straps and four button holes in one strap, and attached four buttons to the other strap. 

Seriously, I don't have sewing machine, so I made the button holes by hand sewing. I learned how to hand sew the button holes from the internet. The button hole really works same as sewing machine button hole! I wish I can introduce the web page, but the web page is written in Japanese.

I like to use buttons in my crochet projects. I can't find fancy buttons in the U.S, so I sometimes order them from Japan. I used this two sizes of wooden button this time.

I'm Japanese, so I love Japanese traditional patterns like traditional costume, Kimono. By the way, I made the coaster with Japanese cotton towel, Tenugui, and Kimono fabric four years ago.

Stitches that I used for the motif bag.
Chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, 4 double crochet cluster, 5 double crochet cluster, puff stitch.

Yarn that I used for the motif bag.
  • Baby Bee Sweet Delight Pomp : Naked

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm going to introduce other crochet Christmas present I made for my husband today. Have you seen the movie, Despicable Me? We love the movie! My husband especially loves the minions in the movie. I had been looking for stuffed minion to give to him, but I couldn't find it for sale. I saw it in a UFO Catcher game machine at an arcade, but those details were so bad. I didn't want to give the bad detailed one to him. That's why I decided to make his crochet minion.


I watched the official move site a LOT of times to know minions detail. I needed to make the minion in secret, so it took three weeks to complete. Can you see a letter on his chest? The letter is actually G in the movie, because the minions are working for main character, Gru, in the movie. I substituted M for G, because M is my husband's initial.

I didn't use difficult stitches in the process, it was just difficult to create the pattern. There are many different looking minions in the movie, so I want to try making other minions sometime. Since I've created the pattern, next time will be easy even thought they are each difference. 

Stitches that I used for the minion.
Chain, slip stitch, single stitch, half double crochet, double crochet, foundation half double crochet.

Yarn that I used for the minion.
  • CARON Simply Soft : Soft Yellow, Country Blue 
  •  I Love This Yarn Sport Weight : Black, White
  • I Love This Wool : Pale Gray,

☆★☆Update ☆★☆
I've finally completed the minion pattern. If you are interested in the pattern, please send a message to my Etsy shop. I'll write my shop's URL here.

I also improved the pattern especially his pants and legs. You will see differences between first minion and this minion. I made this minion for my customer. That's why I attached "K" on his front pocket.

I'll create other kinds of minion's patterns sometime, and will introduce the minions here again.
Please visit my blog sometimes!

Mini Minion!!!
I made this minion with mercerized cotton crochet thread. That's why I could make him smaller.
The minion is about 5" tall. Of course, his goggles are removable. To work with the cotton thread on him, I improved the pattern again.

Why I made him smaller? Because, I want to take him with me to attend a convention. The original minion is about 12" tall. It's hard to carry it around with me.

I'll make one-eyed mini minion for my husband next time.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Neck & Soulder Warmer

I'm going to introduce my neck and shoulder warmer today! When I had been working on the Ear Flap Hat, I had an idea, which I can use the hat pattern for around my shoulders.  I made shoulder part first, and figured out how long I needed to expand the hat pattern, and then, I created a pattern from neck to shoulder to connect to shoulder part. I also attached a clematis flower. 

I expected the warmer fits to my body line where my shoulders connect to my arms. Since I used a stiff yarn, the warmer didn't tend to fit to body my line. I need to choose soft and stretchable yarn, also improve the pattern.

When I wear the warmer, I don't need to pull it over, because the warmer has an open front that is secured by three bottoms.

I don't want to wear pull-over clothes after I've made up and fixed my hair. That's why I made the warmer to open at the front. I'm always aiming to make practical crochet projects.

I adapted three fancy patterns into the warmer.  

 Candy Corn
This pattern looks like a tower. I made 25 candy corns for the warmer,     and connected them with single crochet at the bottom.

This pattern looks like connected flowers. I love this pattern! Each flower is composed of bobble stitch and half double crochet. 

  Baby Cable Rid
This rib pattern is composed of front post double crochet. It looks solid.

I will try to make an improved neck and shoulder warmer soon. 

Stitches that I used for the warmer.
Chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, front post double crochet.

Yarn that I used for the warmer.
  • RED HEART Super Saver : Soft White
  • I Love This Yarn Sport Weight : Red & Green (Clematis)