Monday, January 31, 2011

Summer Room Shoes ( Room Shoes #2 )

I'm exciting to introduce this summer room shoes, because I love it this design. It's early to introduce summer project, but I'd like you to become interested in crochet in spring and summer as well. 

I really suffered from thinking of the this design, because room shoes shouldn't come off. However, I didn't want to cover my feet with a lot of yarn. I finally chose a type which holds big toe and ankle.

This ruffle pattern is called taryn's ruffle.

I made corkscrews at the both ends of ribbon.

To make comfortable shoes, I inserted two pieces of foot-shaped felt pads into the each sole as cushion.
(I'm sorry I couldn't take the picture of red felt. I'm working on making blue one now.) 
I created S size pattern and M size pattern so far. I'll make L size pattern soon. By the way, this red shoes are for M size.

I used only cotton yarn in the project, because I'll wear the shoes with bare feet. The shoes should be easy to wash. Cotton yarn is washable by washer machine as I keep mentioning in the other posts. 

In the process that I was thinking of the design, I had another design idea, and tried to make it. However, I'm out of yarn for the other design. I hope I can introduce the other design of summer room shoes soon!

Stitches that I used in the project.
Chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet.

Yarn that I used in the project.
  • Lily Sugar'n Cream : Wine
  • Red Heart Eco-Cotton : Vanilla

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